And now for the interesting part! Here are some frequently asked shipping questions.


How do I return/exchange my order?
Send an email to and include your order number and name on the order to start the return or exchange process. You will need to cover the cost of shipping to return or exchange your order.

Help, I typed the wrong address!
No problem, send an email to with your name and order number and I can fix it.

Where is my order?
After you place your order, you should get a confirmation email. Items ship 1-3 days after your order. If you live in the US they'll arrive 2-14 days after that (depending on how quick your local carrier is) and a week to few months after that if you live outside the US.

The exception is plush orders - all plush orders will arrive mid-December.

Do you ship internationally?
Yeah! Put the item in your basket and enter your address to check how much it will cost. 

I live in the EU, what is a VAT fee?
If you live in the EU you'll be charged a Value Added Tax - this is something you might have to pay to your postal service in order to receive the package, they'll let you know how much it is when they deliver. It varies by country but will probably be about 15% the cost of your order.

Can I see a photo of your dog?
Doesn't seem shipping related but yes, always, I'm so glad you asked.

Um I actually have another question you didn't answer.
Send an email or use the form here to email me!